Home made ice cream

Wholesale ice cream for restaurants

If you run a local restaurant or pub and would like to offer Rays Home Made Ice Cream on your menu then we would love to talk to you. The list of flavours available is almost endless with most ice cream made to order. If you’d like your own bespoke flavour then that is probably possible too. Rays Home Made Ice Cream is scoopable, it is available in a range of tub sizes and volumes are flexible. It’s affordable too so if you’d like to get local, home made ice cream onto your menu please get in touch to discuss this further.

Retail packages for shops

We can put together a retail package for your local convenience store, farm shop or similar. Come and talk to us about the tub sizes and flavours that you would want and how we might help you with your point of sale materials.

Spoon in lid tubs (individual portions)

200ml tubs with spoons in the lid, perfect for on sale at sporting events or similar.

making ice cream

small tubs

lots of snickers

ice cream